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  • A Review of the Safety Regime for Electrical and Gas Work

    beehiveThe key safety features contained in the Electricity Act 1992, Regulations, Electrical Codes of Practice (ECPs), and Standards governing electrical work.

    The report presents the conclusions of the Commerce and Occupational Safety and Health Service (OSH) review team. Recommendations are given for improvements to the safety regime for both electrical and gas work.


  • Electrical Safety New Zealand

    esnz2Prior to the deregulation of the Electrical Industry, most Registered Electrical Inspectors were employed by the Power Boards. Regional Inspectors groups within the Power Boards operated under this regime. After deregulation many Power Boards (Energy Companies) decided they no longer wished to provide an inspection service. They no longer had a statutory requirement to do so.


  • Electrical Worker Registration Board

    ewrbElectrical Workers Registration Board, Established in 1992 to promote safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competency of electrical and electronic workers.

    If you want to know about careers or review requirements by class, get info about trainees, training providers, exams, practical assessments and competency programmes or find out about safety training for trainees and LCs or recognition of overseas qualifications, you’ll find it all in this section, together with FAQs.


  • Ministry of Economic Development

    moed2The New Zealand Government’s Electricity Reform Package, 7 April 1998. A Better Deal for Electricity Consumers. An Outline of the New Zealand Government’s Reform Package for Electricity Consumers.


  • The Electricity Engineers Association of New Zealand (EEA)

    eeaOperating for over 75 years, the EEA is committed to providing the New Zealand electricity supply industry with leadership, expertise and information on technical, engineering and safety issues affecting the electricity industry.

    Representing members’ views on engineering, technical and safety issues to decision makers is a key role of the EEA. The EEA monitors these issues by utilising industry specialists, and keeps the membership informed, offering advice and assistance as required.


  • The Fire Investigators Association of New Zealand Incorporated (FIANZ)

    fianzThe Fire Investigators Association of New Zealand Incorporated (FIANZ) is a profession society for individuals involved in some way in the investigation of the origin and cause of fires, and the investigation, prosecution and suppression of arson in New Zealand. Instances are fire scene investigators (Fire Service, private etc), Police officers, private investigators, structural engineers, solicitors, insurance claims staff etc.