All the consultants we employ have a minimum of 30 years experience and hold a Registered Electrical Inspectors qualification and current practising license.

The Company is a member of the Electrical Safety New Zealand. and Standards New Zealand, and all staff and Subcontractors are required to attend training courses run by the ESNZ.

These courses were previously run by the Electrical Development Association, on inspection and testing in all areas of the industry in their own time and at their own expense.

We believe that our people have the knowledge and experience and therefore the competence to cover any situation or project presented to us.

Michael Chopping is a Registered Engineering Associate and an Associate Member of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand.

A Registered Electrical Inspector, Michael Chopping is now a tutor for the Electrical Safety New Zealand Michael is a member of the EL I/19, EL1/19/1, EL 1/21, EL 1/13 committees of Standards NZ working on the joint standard for Australian and New Zealand wiring rules. He also is a member of the ECP 54 Code of Practice committee for the Installation of Recessed Luminaries.