The following code of ethics is that of the Electrical Safety New Zealand.  We belong to this national body and adhere to their ethics.


Maintain ongoing training within their respective fields of work and encourage all others working under their supervision to do likewise.


Comply with the requirements of the Electricity Act 1992, Electricity Regulations 1997, Codes of Practice issued under those Regulations and the HSE Act 1992


Do not make misleading claims or statements on the ability to carry out specific tasks or work outside particular areas of work or expertise and declare and such limitations to the client or employer as appropriate.


To actively promote the safe use of electricity and the work of the association.


Take all steps to ensure that their work or actions do not cause any unacceptable risk of safety to any person or property. Competency: Take all reasonable steps to ensure that persons working under their control are competent. Safety: Ensure that risks are identified and take all reasonable steps to ensure persons under their direct supervision working within an area are made aware of such risks (HSE Act).


Carry insurance against loss and professional indemnity as appropriate for the work undertaken.