Advisory Service

Being an independent owned and operated company no longer involved in the Electrical Contracting and Servicing field, we are able to offer an unbiased opinion on any matter or dispute which may from time to time arise.

The Audit program, administered by the Electrical Workers Registration Board have provided us with a lot more experience and we continue to tender for this work.

We conduct installation safety inspections where we thoroughly inspect an existing installations plant and equipment and provide a written report, identifying hazardous and dangerous wiring and also suggest suitable remedies, which help individual Firms and Companies comply with the Regulations.

Now that home owners can do their own electrical work, more and more property purchasers, insurers and Solicitors are requesting an inspection as a condition of purchase or cover, this is usually a relatively inexpensive procedure which we can usually undertake within 24 hrs of the request.

We have now established our position of being able to investigate Fires as well as identify possible causes before they happen, particularly in the switchboards of Electrical Installations.

We conduct Electrical Accident Investigations and on many occasions I am the first response for the Energy Safety Service a division of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Electrical Workers Registration Board.