Fifteen years ago after 26 years in the electrical contracting and service industry, and following the changes in the Electricity Regulations we began the change to specialise in Electrical Safety Engineering and Consultancy work.

This involves inspection and testing of new and existing installation work for connection to supply, or for insurance certification and compliance with the Act when a property changes ownership.

We conduct Safety Refresher Training Courses for Electrical Workers in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 25 and 26 of the Electricity Regulations 1997 for Practising License Renewal purposes.

  • Accident Investigation

    elec03Cause and prevention
    We carry out full and comprehensive investigation into the cause of accidents and fatalities. Detailed reports are provided including recommendations where appropriate to improve the safety of premises and workplace areas.

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  • Electrical Safety Engineers
    • Accredited Specialists in Fire and Accident investigations.
    • Member of the Electrical Safety New Zealand (ESNZ)
    • Member of the Fire Investigators Association of NZ (FIANZ)
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  • Fire Investigation

    fire01Specialist investigations into the the cause of fires. Electrically initiated fires are our speciality. M.A Chopping Ltd has partnerships with other nation-wide and international organisations that assist in our investigations by providing associated specialist services, as required, including mechanical/structural engineers,analytical chemists, other forensic scientists and private investigators.

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  • Installation Commissioning Testing

    We carry out a full testing of completed installation work, to meet requirements of the 1997 Electricity Regulations, and its amendments.

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  • Registered Inspectors

    All the consultants we employ have a minimum of 30 years experience and hold a Registered Electrical Inspectors qualification and current practising license.

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  • Safety Audits of Existing Electrical Installations

    danger01We conduct full and comprehensive audits of existing installations, and provide a written report. We carry a full compliment of Test Instruments to ensure all tests are carried out including infra-red scanning with a full visual examination.

    We give a full condition report and categorise all hazards and non-compliant work, including a program to upgrade and make safe the installation.

    It is the installation owner’s responsibility to maintain the installation in a safe condition.

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  • Safety Lectures & Training Facilitators

    Chopping & Associates was EWRB APPROVED as a TRAINING PROVIDER on 30/06/2006

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